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Pete has been in the building trade for over 30 years.  He started in the era when leaving school at 16 was what the majority did!  Having worked with his Father and his contacts for several years, he learnt the traditional old school way - though years of experience.  The building trade in the Teagle family goes back generations.

Being in the industry for such a long period of time, we have built through the different decades of styles, building a good reputation for what is very well deserved - purely by our consistent standard of work and gaining experience in virtually every aspect of the building industry. 

Our projects have ranged from brand new build properties, small extensions, renovations, to large commercial builds for the agricultural industry.  We are competent in building to any architectural drawings and are happy to be involved in the very first stages of design through to completion.  We are not just "the builder" programmed into building.  We step out of the box and offer advice and suggestions throughout and if something doesn't look technically right, we will say (yes even architects can make errors which we have been known to question) and will endeavour to overcome it, should any problem arise.

Peter Teagle

Pete has been married for over 17 years and has 3 children.

Pete is very much a family man and loves to spend his leisure time with his family. 

His passion is golf and is enjoying seeing his Son flourish in golf whilst his Daughters' spend his money shopping!  Having said that, his second daughter has a passion for football playing for a local team in Stratford upon Avon.  So there is a definite passion for sport.

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